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How TracTrix raster to vector conversion works:
To convert drawings, TracTrix automatically traces pixels in the lines of the scan and converts them to vectors. You can then edit these in your CAD or NC application.

Illustration of the raster to vector conversion process

Converts from TIFF, BMP, CALS, JEDMICS C4, JPEG, PDF & many more scan formats to DWG, DXF, IGES, AI(88), EPS & HPGL vectors.
TracTrix is the easiest and definitely the most cost effective of the raster to vector conversion software product that I've tested. Thank you for your efforts. Harold Valentin-Welch.

I have found your support system about the best I have come across. Seamus Toland.

As an alternative you can have us do the work. Trix Conversion Services provide fast, affordable, raster to vector conversion from prints, scans and photos.

Directly drives all popular scanners so you can scan directly into TracTrix.

Text recognition - scanned text is converted to editable text in CAD.

Works with all CAD and NC applications. Plus you can also run TracTrix inside AutoCAD as an ObjectArx application.

Converts from DWG (AutoCAD R12 to 2013), DXF, DWF & HPGL files with markup, fonts and xrefs, to rasters and PDF for emailing, archiving, Web publishing, insertion into Word, PowerPoint, etc. Combine details from multiple CAD files into single images.

Additional functions include markup, take off and sum lengths, areas and perimeters, compare drawings.

If you use AutoCAD you can run TracTrix standalone or conveniently inside AutoCAD itself as an ObjectARX application.

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