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Ask for our white paper "Predicting the Data Migration Effort" for more information on this subject.  

Data Migration of existing drawings/documents.

It's simple to drag and drop files onto the Trix Organizer user interface to add them to the database. But, for most organizations, loading years of existing drawings into the system appears an intimidating obstacle to introducing effective document management.

Trix Systems consultants simplify and, for many data sets, automate the loading process. With decades of experience converting paper and file based data into digital document management we have a methodical and proven approach.

We review your existing data and create automated import procedures, tagging files as the data is imported. We also create and apply classifications appropriate for your unique situation.

For AutoCAD, Office, PDF and JEDMICS file sets it is possible to automatically extract existing metadata directly from attributes or properties. Prints can be scanned directly into the system.

For continuing loading of new data we provide Excel spreadsheet templates. Populate these with information about new documents and the system will automatically import the files and associated metadata.

To ease transition and user 'buy-in' to the new system we may temporarily retain folder structures as they appear on the hard drives, even though the files are no longer stored on the file system.

The end product is a data structure that is simple and consistent so that your users can easily find exactly what they need.

Data clean-up, format conversion and de-duplication is also available as a service, if required.


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