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Solutions for JEDMICS C4 and CALS Formats

JEDMICS C4 (or C-4) and CALS are raster (bitmap) image formats developed by the US DoD (Dept. of Defense) for military use. Trix Systems offers options and services for viewing and converting C4/CALS file formats and for satisfying CDRLs (Contract Data Requirements Lists) that require creation of JEDMICS compliant data sets.

Software Applications:

Trix DrawingCenter viewing software opens C4 and CALS files

  •  View, print, compare, take off measurements

  • Convert to PDF (one at a time)

  • Runs in 64-bit and many more features than ImagerR

Trix RasterServer batch converter running as a service for converting

  • DWG, DXF, HPGL (PLT), Office and Acrobat files into C4 and CALS

  • C4 and CALS to PDF, TIFF and other raster formats


Use our quality guaranteed Conversion Services to convert between C4 or CALS and other CAD, raster or PDF formats. We also assemble JEDMICS compliant database archives to meet the specifications set out in your CDRL.

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