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Solutions for handling HPGL (.PLT) plot files.

The HPGL file format is a vector format developed by Hewlett Packard for driving plotters. The file extensions used include .plt, .hpg, .hp2, .pl2 and sometimes .prn. However the use of the .prn extension is not an absolute indicator that the file contains HPGL code. They are often referred to as 'plot files'. Trix Systems offers several options for handling HPGL and the later HPGL2 file formats.


Trix DrawingCenter CAD drawing viewer software

View, markup and print plot files, convert to PDF,
with Trix DrawingCenter.

TracTrix raster vector conversion software

Convert raster (bitmap) images to HPGL vectors with TracTrix. Raster formats include BMP, CALS, JPG, TIF and many more extensions.

Trix RasterServer batch CAD to raster and PDF converter

Batch convert plot files to raster and PDF files with Trix RasterServer.

Trix Organizer CAD Drawing and Document Management Software

Store, retrieve and view plot files  (with other engineering files) using Trix Organizer.

Trix CAD File Conversion Services

Convert HPGL plot files to DWGs using our Conversion services.






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