Data Mining and Archive Clean-up Services

With over 25 years experience in data management and CAD, we have met and solved engineering
information management problems of all types. Call us to discuss your needs.


Restoring order to engineering drawing data sets, creates search efficiency and confidence that what you find is correct.

Hyperlinking enbables jumping direcly from equipment or vendor records to documentation.

Your data can conform to ISO 82045 and N819 specifications for engineering document management.

Our pricing is by the file or record processed so you can budget with certainty.

Preventing Document Entropy

Document entropy is the process whereby unstructured documentation and data tends towards chaos. In an engineering environment disorganized drawings are more dangerous and costly than disorder in clerical documents. To make things worse, the intricacies of engineering workflows accelerate the entropy.

As developers of the Trix Organizer™ engineering data management system we have experience creating order and structure in engineering drawings. And once you have good order, Trix Organizer will maintain it going forward.

Problems we solve

Determining correct versions

Restructuring inconsistent, unmanageably deep, folder structures

Consolidating mixed formats - Prints, Scans, PDFs, CAD files

Mining data such as title blocks from inside files

How we do it

Automated analysis, metadata extraction and categorization

De-duplication and renaming to standard conventions

Conversion of raster information to searchable metadata

Design of simple, consistent metadata field structures

Re-arrangement of folders and files into logical trees

We deliver

Spreadsheets or tables of indexed metadata

Cleaned up, consistent, folder structures

Loading into relational databases

Completely loaded data management systems